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What Fans are Saying

2/11/12 Glenval wrote: "Dearest everytime I used to hear Whitney Houston sing I thought of you and Christine, God bless you both with great voices and you grew up in the church under so much pressure, I remember your voice so well and appreciated it immensely. I pray you regain in the Lord. You were a blessing to a lot of people!! What doth it profit a man to gain the world and lost is soul, you have a brilliant mom who embrace you with her prayers! I speak from my heart!"

1/26/12 Betty-Ann Redwood wrote: Hey Mama Sitta, .......where did you get your soulful sound from..? I would listen to you all day, keep the songs coming and cant wait to get a copy of your album...nuff love

A Good Thing Clip.mp3 Friction Clip.mp3 The Very Thought of You Clip.mp3 She Dont Live Here Anymore Clip.mp3 Song of You Clip.mp3 John Crow Clip.mp3 Summertime Clip.mp3
Minnalee Lammie: Minna, a Good Thing
Minnalee Lammie: Minna, a Good Thing